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Broadband for islands of all sorts


We are passionate about bringing affordable, state-of-the-art broadband services to the 3 billion people who have been denied them for reasons of geography, political instability and economics. We share this vision with O3b networks


We want to help and (if required) be the local body to provide reliable high speed internet to regions and people who will otherwise miss out on services that are taken for granted elsewhere. All our doing is lead by bein open and honest to clients, supliers and investors. This involves documentation is always included and usually present before implementation. This involves technology that they can take to any other provider to get support from. This involves training in eitehr fundamentals of networking or in specifics about how to run a specific application. We do not tie anyone down to use our equipment or software. We are happy to share but only on a non-proft basis. We believe that education is key to making this globe a better place.


These are professionals who have a desire to do something never done before and who enjoy solving challenging technical, managerial, and logistical problems in an international environment. We don't want to be contacted because we are in the neighbourhood, that's why we don't state were we are. We work with you wherever you are. Preferably though, if you are in a developing country. Contacts us, and we'll get back to you. We also like to work with people who share our vision want to be part in our mission.


Technical project management to deploy a guest/pbulic wifi network with cabled fibre access to each guest unit at Millbrook Resort, Queenstown, NZ

Plan and guide wifi staff internet to the crew of Mitre Peak Criuses, Milford Sound, NZ

Support and advise staff and their wifi solution at The Glebe Apartments, Queenstown, NZ

Plan, advise and implement with local councils public wifi in Moritzburg, GER (in progress)

Upon request we can advise you of the contact of each project.


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Published on  March 24th, 2016